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Walt Disney World’s highly anticipated reopening news came out only recently. Meanwhile, the much smaller and presumably safer Disneyland resort seemed doomed to indefinite closure because of differences in local government.

That all changed when in a surprise announcement Disneyland officially released a date we can look forward to; and the Disneyland reopening dates are not as far off as you’d imagine.

Disneyland originally chose a very specific date to reopen after it’s first closure in nearly 65 years. On July 17 the gates were supposed open once again. The date symbolically represents the very first time Disneyland welcomed visitors on the same day in 1955.

However, the Disneyland re-opening has been pushed back to an undetermined date.

I’ll be updating this post as we learn more from Disneyland about what to expect. But, here’s what we know right now:Disneyland reopening in July 2020

Phased Disneyland Reopening Plans

Not all of Disneyland will open at once, and you can visit Downtown Disney before the parks open.

Downtown Disney plans to open July 9. The hotels will not open until later though. The Grand Californian and Paradise Pier Hotel are set to open on July 23. The Disneyland Hotel is remaining closed until further notice.

All of these dates are pending approval from the government, but it’s safe to say that Disney has made sure to meet all requirements before making this announcement.

So, even though it’s not a completely sure thing, the probability is high that Disneyland will open as planned.

Disneyland Reopening Plans: New Safety Policies and Procedures

Those same government officials that will decide whether Disneyland reopens have been working with the company in association with health experts to make sure that all possible safety measures are met.

Disneyland Reopening Plans featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Marcie in Mommyland: Disneyland Castle
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We are all familiar with social distancing and temperature checks at this point, which is largely what the adjustments at the Anaheim resort are based on.

While Disneyland is very different in how it operates compared to its Florida counterpart, we can expect a lot of similar adjustments.

One thing Disneyland was sure to release without going into too much detail is a notice that not everything will be open. Some restaurants, attractions, or experiences will be unavailable, while others will be modified to conform with safety recommendations.

The parks will not only open to reduced capacity, but there will not be as much to do when you get there. In addition to some attractions remaining closed, Character meet-and-greets will remain unavailable as well as parades and fireworks.

Disneyland has released very limited information about additional safety measures, but the enhanced health and safety measures include cleanliness and reduced contact in addition to physical distancing.

How to Get In Disneyland

Disneyland is pausing ticket sales for the time being, just as Walt Disney World is also doing. My travel partner Get Away Today was able to sell tickets through June 12, and will be selling discounted Disneyland tickets as soon as more are released.

Currently, in order to get in you will need a reservation. Disney also requires annual pass holders to reserve their entry into the parks.

All reservations are subject to change and Disneyland reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time.

What to Pack for Disneyland This Summer

If you are able to get a reservation this summer, you’ll still want to take precautions. Make sure you have masks for everyone in your family. If you are using re-usable masks, make sure you have clean masks for each day of your trip.Disneyland Reopening Plans featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Marcie in Mommyland: Disney masksThere are tons of cute Disney masks available on Amazon like this Disney Princess mask and this Disney Castle mask.

You’ll also want to bring your own hand sanitizer just to make sure you’re able to clean your hands throughout the day. And you might want to bring some Clorox wipes with you in case you want to wipe down any door handles or your eating area.

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Safety Warning For Potential Guests

Although Disneyland will probably reopen sometime this summer, don’t presume it is safe. An additional change to the Disneyland resort is a warning of the inherent risk of Covid-19 despite safety measures.

If anyone in your family has a pre-existing medical condition, you are risking exposure by visiting the parks. If you aren’t sure if you are high risk for Covid-19, check with your doctor to see if you should postpone your trip.

If you have vacation plans booked directly through Disney that you would like to cancel or modify, call 714-520-5050. If you booked through Get Away Today, call 1-855-GET-AWAY

Disneyland is truly a magical place and you’ll want to fully enjoy it without worrying about your health.

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