Looking for a fun, Disney’s Frozen trivia game to play with friends or on your own? Check out this fantastic Disney printable, Scroll down to download!

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Are you someone who likes trivia games and have seen Disney’s Frozen on repeat? Or are you trying to find kid-friendly Disney trivia game that encourages reading for your homeschooling curriculum?

This Frozen trivia game is fun for adults and challenging for kids! It’s perfect for younger kids who are learning to read.

I’m a huge fan of this Disney trivia game because it’s easy to just print out the cards and bring them anywhere. It’s perfect as a quick party game or something to play with my kids on a road trip.

How to Play this FREE Disney Frozen Trivia Game

This Disney Frozen trivia game consists of 38 trivia questions and answers. You’ll get 5 printable pages and you can cut them up to make little cards.

I recommend printing your trivia game on card stock so people can’t see through the card to try to see the answers!

Because it’s so portable, you can store these cards in a little baggie or container and it makes a fun travel game for kids. Play it on your way to any Disney vacation!

It’s also perfect for family game night or an activity to do before a Frozen movie night!

Download Your FREE Disney Frozen Trivia Game, click here!

Download Your FREE Disney Frozen Trivia Game, click here!

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