Are you planning a Disney Princess party? Check out these adorable Frozen 2 cupcake toppers printable inspired by Disney.

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One of the best treats to have at home is a cupcake. I love baking them occasionally because everybody loves to have them as a grab and go sweet for a sugary pick-me-up.

Given the choice between cookies, brownies or cupcakes, I’ll pick cupcakes every time.

If you’re really crafty, you may just be an expert at decorating cupcakes with ornate frosting designs. but you don’t have to be a professional cake decorator to create cupcakes that fit the Disney theme you are looking for.

Frozen 2 Cupcake Toppers Printable Inspired By Disney

All you have to do is pick the right colors to support your theme and use an amazing Disney inspired decoration. A Frozen 2 cupcake topper that you can print out here is all you need. Cake toppers are a nice, quick and easy way to communicate fun without a lot of decorating.

These very cute Disney inspired printables will make for the perfect Frozen 2 cupcake topper.

There are eight in all and they feature cute artistic interpretations of your favorite characters. The wind, water and fire elements that play an important role in the film are also included. Olaf and Sven are also included among the Frozen 2 cupcake topper mix of characters.

The printables just need to be cut out once you print them. You can then glue them to toothpicks in order to stick them into the cake.

Pro Tip: Be sure to make your Frozen 2 cupcake topper double-sided!

Download Your FREE Frozen 2 Cupcake Toppers Printable, click here!
Download Your FREE Frozen 2 Printable, click here!

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